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  • Recent Updates
    2 months ago

    • Our Layer4 servers are now in a undergoing maintenance. if it takes longer than anticipated, we'll provide each user membership extension
    • increased the number of Layer7 servers to improve the number of slots available for L7 methods. Both in the Free & Premimum Hub
    • Stresser Hub Update coming soon, also with minor UI Fixes to increase the overall User Experience
  • Maintenance Is Over
    3 months ago

    Stresser maintenance is over, days were added every active membership. We Optimized the server choosing algorthim, Making the launching faster and more scalable.

    Also, we added more Free Stresser slots, Happy Stressing :)

  • HTTP HEADLESS Updated & Better Proxy Pool
    5 months ago

    HTTP HEADLESS Is updated, flood is more stable for longer durations and less detectable, making the overall attack much better.

  • Big Update - New Attack Methods & New Attack Hub UI
    6 months ago

    Firstly, you probbaly notice the site's new domain: blackstresser.net. Now, the updates:


    HTTP BROWSER is our new Premium Layer7 method which has been under development for the last months. HTTP BROWSER Is a Full Browser Engine emulation, It provides better bypass for JS Challenges (especially Cloudflare UAM) and is much more stable.
    Method is aimed at bypassing ratelimits and strictly follows the specified Rate.

    • Ratelimit Per Proxy - How much requests to send per proxy connection
    • Custom Cookies - Setting the requests cookies, using the format: cookie-key=cookie-value;
    • Captcha - will detect and solve captcha
    • User Agent: You can attack with certain type useragents, which may help bypass specific target restrictions
    • Precheck - will start flood only if the target final HTTP Status-Code is matched.

    We've also Updated Our Attack Hub UI, making it more readable and with better user experience.

  • Attack Hub Updated!
    8 months ago

    • Layer 4 IP Spoof(Geolocation)
    • IP Subnet /24
    • Conccurents
    • HTTP version and more.

    More updates and features are coming, stay tuned :)

  • Power Improvement
    9 months ago

    We have increased the power per concurrent attack (L4 & L7). Power is now 2x stronger.

  • Welcome to BlackStresser
    9 months ago

    BlackStresser is a new and advanced stresser app with powerful methods, our layer 4&7 hub is ready to use. we offer membership plans at offerdable prices. feel free to contact us if you need any support :)

Attack Methods

# Method Type REST API Code
2 HTTP BROWSER Layer 7 5
3 UDP DNS AMP Layer 4 10
4 UDP SNMP AMP Layer 4 15
5 UDP AMP MIX Layer 4 20
6 UDP RAW PPS Layer 4 25
7 UDP DVR Layer 4 30
8 TCP AMP Layer 4 35
9 TCP SYN Layer 4 40
10 TCP SYN [WRA] Layer 4 41
11 TCP ACK Layer 4 45
12 TCP FAST OPEN Layer 4 50
13 RIP [Random IP Protocols] Layer 4 60